About the Book

news_page_TheyGavetheCrowdPlentyFun_COVERIn 1948, the Empire Windrush ship sailed from Jamaica with more than 400 Caribbean migrants seeking to create a new future in Britain. Two years later, the West Indies cricket team beat England for the first time on English soil at Lord’s.

For some Caribbean migrants, and their descendants, who settled in Britain from the 1950s onwards, West Indies cricket offered a source of self-esteem. Whether they were passionate cricket fans or not, cricket provided the diaspora in Britain with an opportunity to express a collective sense of West Indian identity.

They Gave the Crowd Plenty Fun is a captivating study which reflects on events that influenced the development of the social impact of cricket on British Caribbean communities from the arrival of the Empire Windrush onwards.

They Gave the Crowd Plenty Fun also explores factors which have challenged cricket’s position as a social force for the current descendants of the Windrush generation. Colin Babb also reflects on his life, with a dose of humour, as a second generation West Indian boy in 1970s/1980s Britain.

The revised and updated version of They Gave the Crowd Plenty Fun (£9.99) was published by Hansib Publications and is now available.

They Gave the Crowd Plenty Fun is available for book retailers from Turnaround Publisher Services.

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