Hansib Publications

Hansib booksThe revised and updated version of They Gave the Crowd Plenty Fun (£9.99) is available from Hansib Publications.

Hansib has reflected and chronicled the achievements, struggles, frustrations, hopes and dreams of the Caribbean, African and Asian communities in Britain.

The company is proud of its success in providing an outlet for the many voices that remain unheard, and the talent that cannot get beyond the portals of established publishers. 

Hansib Publications was founded in 1970 by Guyana-born Arif Ali following the sale of his north London-based West Indian food business. The following year, Hansib launched its first title (the monthly magazine West Indian Digest).

Hansib continued to expand its publishing activities and produced newspapers, magazines and periodicals for Britain’s Caribbean, Asian and African communities. These titles included Caribbean Times, Asian Times, Asian Digest, and West Indian World.

Arif Ali and Colin Babb

Arif Ali and Colin Babb

In 1997, Hansib sold its three weekly national newspapers and has since focused solely on book publishing. Hansib has published over 250 books and specialist titles covering a wide range of subjects including literary, creative and critical writings and studies.

With a growing network of distributors and sales outlets, internationally, Hansib books are now available in bookshops, libraries, centres of learning and specialist outlets. Hansib books are also available from many online booksellers including Amazon and Waterstones.

Hansib will celebrate its 50th anniversary during 2020. 

Arif Ali and Colin Babb at They Gave the Crowd Plenty Fun (edition one) launch at The Oval.